Mixed by Justin Peacock
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Mixing engineer


What do you do here?

Hola. My name is Justin Peacock and I mix music and sound.

Learn a bit about me here, listen to some examples of my work and then let's chat about your project.

I also help people with their studios, skills and productions. Perhaps it would be more fun to log off the internet and shortcut your way to better work with help from a pro. Because who really wants to spend another lifetime on web forums searching and learning about audio? Yeah, not me.



Contact me!

To discuss rates, schedule, music or coffee, shoot me a note here:




As we have been working on drums the last couple months, we also had a couple of other engineers doing mixes for us, just to see how they hear our music. And I want to tell you, we always kept coming back to your mix as being the one that we wanted to sound like. We really appreciate the way you hear us and the way you make us sound. I don’t even know how to explain the differences but I do know you make it ‘feel’ better.
— W. Schmitt
Totally blown away....sounds EPIC... Justin, amazing work. Thanks again for all your hard work and passion that you put into working with us! I personally couldn’t be happier with the end result.
— Lewi Gault
The mixes sound amazing. You’re really bringing the tunes to life. I’m thrilled with your work.
— James Thorpe
You have a great ear and your choices have been very tasteful, strategic, and appropriate for serving the best interests of the songs. I thank you once again
— Marti Christopher



Your music deserves nothing but the best. That's why I use all-natural, organic, free-range, grass-fed, non-GMO, cage-free audio processors and effects in the production of your music. In addition, I work in a customized version of Pro Tools unique to me. It allows me to serve up what is best described as a "farm-to-table" mix. It's good. It's wholesome. It feels good. It's unique. You'll love it.



I don't make beats

I do not currently make beats, DJ weddings or do electro dance remixes of songs. I do, however, work hard to make people's music feel and sound great.